“All animals do speak, but only to those who listen.”
---Deborah Lee Martinez

A Portion of our proceeds go toward local rescue agencies and the ASPCA  each year!!
Pampered Paws Grooming Services
About the Owner: Deborah Lee Martinez
I have had 15+ years serving as a Veternary Assistant and was a professional pet sitter, where I pet sat furry friends in their own environment.  Grooming services were an added perk in utilizing these services. I have also studied and have a tremendous passion in animal behavior.  I currently serve as a pediatric nurse and have ventured into the corporate world of Education serving as a very well established and respected Director of Education at a Higher Education School.  I have loved the advenures I have taken, however, my  passion is animals.  To be able to give a beloved pet,  who is a member of your family- a happy, gentle, and pamereped experience is my goal.  As was the motto in my pet sitting business, all too often animals are treated as an assembly line and we expect them to understand EVERYTHING we are doing......
This is not the case, and often why people get angry or frustrated which in turn makes the animal stressed and can become aggressive.  I will be  treating, anaylizing, and grooming your pet with an uncanny understanding, love, and respect of how to make their experience a positive one!!!
All the experiences I have had in my life as Director of Education for a large school and faculty, Nurse, Vet Assistant, Business Owner, and Groomer have prepared me to be what I am today.  I'm so excited to show you how valuable I will be to you and your pet.

Owner Testimonials

We cater to our furry friends who have had bad experiences in the past and those who haven't, have the most positive experience with us........
  • "My Lily was matted and unhappy, after seeing Deborah Martinez she is shaved like a lion and very happy she even sleeps with me now she's happy and so am I, thanks Debbie" by: Debbie Nettles Makowski owner of Lily the long haired kitty
  • "Thanks Deb for making her beautiful after going through a tough time!   So nice to see you! Xo" by: Michelle Lieberman owner of Bella the poodle